“Customers make better investors, investors make better customers.”®

Capital2Market simplifies the complex process of raising capital for private businesses.


Most regulations bring software that mimics the old processes they are replacing, creating a digital version. We transform processes by adding big data and reengineering them to transform capital raising into something entirely new.

  • Regulation A+ and Regulation D offerings

  • Advisory

  • Marketing

  • Technology

  • Broker/dealer of record

  • Compliance

  • Reporting

  • Capital placement

  • Creating distribution syndication through a network of broker-dealers (yes, somewhat of the old blending with the new)

We provide solutions for online offerings including:

We are passionate about the idea that private businesses are capable of raising capital directly from their loyal customer base and investors just like them. We will guide you in growing your business by expanding your clientele, duplicating them and assisting you in your capital raise.

This may include adding family offices, public funds and endowments and foundations. Our goal is matching the right investor groups to the right companies, at a reasonable cost of capital.